Why Do Some People Believe in the Zodiac?

Zodiac prediction information is commonly found in various media as entertainment. Some may only read it casually but many also believe in the zodiac and the information in it.

At an extreme stage, this person may make horoscope predictions a habit or part of his or her day, even using random information to build perceptions and make important decisions in his life.

Why Do Some People Believe in the Zodiac?

The reason many people believe in the zodiac

For people who don’t believe in astrology, the zodiac may seem like something that doesn’t make sense because it’s not supported by scientific data. But in fact, belief in the zodiac does not come without reason.

Here are some reasons why someone can trust the zodiac:

1. As a means of seeking comfort

Astrology can be a tool for someone seeking comfort. History shows that people generally believe in astrology in difficult times and for some, it is thought to be able to help through them.

2. Create a feeling of self-control

Believing in your zodiac sign can give you the feeling that you are in control of something, even if it’s just an illusion. Zodiac is used as internal reinforcement that he has control to bring good luck that can be obtained in the near future if he does what his zodiac forecast says.

3. Zodiac can be a self-validation tool

People who believe in zodiac signs often use it as a way to understand themselves and validate their self-concept. Most people believe in zodiac signs that contain positive opinions and use them as a means of confirming and encouraging them to develop their “unique talents.”

4. Zodiac as a tool to get certainty

Believing in the zodiac can also be a way for someone to get reassurance in the midst of uncertainty. There are so many questions about life that can fill a person’s mind. Zodiac is one way for them to get the answers they have been looking for regarding their existence, personality, and personal life goals.

The personality of the person who believes in the zodiac

People who believe in zodiac signs don’t all have the same personality. However, there is a tendency that appears in people who believe in constellation predictions and other astrological sciences, such as:

1. Difficult to make decisions

People who believe in zodiac signs may have an indecisive personality and find it difficult to make decisions. People with this kind of personality usually trust the zodiac to choose or make decisions for them.

People with this personality can decide to cut costs, buy clothes of a certain color, or make important decisions about their health by following the contents of their zodiac predictions.

2. Lack of confidence

People who lack self-confidence will need more encouragement to do something. Believing the zodiac may be a way out for people with that personality. This can be a good thing because self-confidence can increase positive results.

However, you are still advised to be careful when using zodiac forecasts as a way to increase self-confidence and self-esteem.

The reason is, that if a positive zodiac forecast can affect self-confidence, then a bad zodiac forecast can also cause you to feel negative feelings that can actually be avoided.

3. Less mature in thinking

One of the hallmarks of mental and emotional maturity is being able to live your own life and make your own decisions. If someone who believes in the zodiac allows his decisions to be completely influenced by the information on the zodiac forecast, this could indicate a person who is still immature in thinking.

4. Narcissistic

A study conducted by researchers from Lund University found that people who claim to believe in the zodiac tend to score higher than average on narcissistic measures.

This suggests that people who have a belief in astrology tend to be more self-focused than average and view themselves as special people who are naturally born leaders.

5. Less intelligent

In the same study, it was also found that those who believe in the zodiac have IQ test results that show they are less intelligent than average.

The researchers from Lund University noted that the higher the IQ test scores of the volunteers, the lower their chances of becoming a zodiac believer.

6. Friendly personality

Although the results showed that people who believed in the zodiac had high narcissistic scores, volunteers who believed in the zodiac also scored high in agreeableness.

Agreeableness is a prosocial trait associated with caring for others, helpfulness, and kindness.

Usually, friendliness is more associated with spiritual and religious tendencies. Therefore, people with high religious affinity may be able to trust the zodiac because they think astrology fits their way of seeing the world.

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