Impact of not having breakfast

One of the most popular meals of the day is breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal you eat after sleeping all night. The body returns to breakfast for glucose and critical nutrients in order to maintain body energy throughout the day.

Breakfast is frequently skipped due to the high volume of activity in the morning. Not having breakfast might also be due to a wish to sleep longer and a lack of food at home. Breakfast, in fact, provides numerous health benefits to the body.

Meanwhile, it has been discovered that not eating breakfast causes a variety of problems in the body. What are the negative effects of not eating breakfast on the body?

Impact of not having breakfast

The Impact of not having breakfast

Many dangers can arise when you skip breakfast. Check out the bad effects below:

1. Make the body weak

Breakfast will make your body continue to get food intake regularly. This makes the body will continue to process food. Otherwise, the body will immediately store calories which causes the metabolism to slow down.

2. Risk of weight gain

Is not breakfast can lose weight? The answer is not at all. In fact, skipping breakfast will actually make you fatter.

3. Make it easier to stress and anxiety

Skipping breakfast not only makes you hungrier but also makes you feel anxious and restless. You may also lose concentration and focus in carrying out daily activities.

This hormone is in charge of helping to process sugar and fat into energy. Lack of intake in the morning will make the hormones not have a hard job to do. So, this cortisol will make you more easily stressed.

4. Decrease brain work

Getting used to skipping breakfast is bad for the brain. The reason is, that your brain will lack the nutrients to carry out activities. It also causes decreased concentration and increased laziness.

Not only that, skipping breakfast also decreases brain work. You might go senile faster if you don’t regularly eat breakfast.

6. Increases the risk of heart disease

Starting the day without breakfast will increase the risk of death from heart disease by 87% compared to individuals who eat breakfast every day.

7. Trigger an unhealthy lifestyle

According to the American Heart Association, individuals who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight or obese, have diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol. In addition, due to not having breakfast, a person also tends to smoke, does not exercise regularly, and does not meet daily nutritional needs.

In addition, the food consumed tends to have a larger number of calories and is sweeter.

Tips for a healthy breakfast

Some of the practical and healthy ways to prepare breakfast below can be tried so that you don’t miss breakfast even though you have various activities:

  • Make instant oatmeal with a travel cup
  • Making fruit juice at home using a thermos
  • Preparing boiled eggs in the refrigerator
  • Prepare leftovers the night before in lunchboxes

If you use packaged or instant food for breakfast, pay attention to the content of salt and sugar or sweeteners in it. You can see this information on the nutrition label on the package.

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