Benefits of Banana Peel in day to day life.

Every time you eat a banana , you will definitely peel the banana skin and immediately throw it in the trash. Banana peels are considered as waste that has no use.

But wait, don’t rush to throw away the peeled banana skin because it turns out that there are various benefits of banana peels that are a shame if you don’t use them. Consumption of banana peels can even be very useful, you know

Benefits of Banana Peel in day to day life.

Benefits of banana peel

Although it looks and sounds absurd, banana peels are harmless and can be consumed or even processed into tea. Curious about the benefits of banana peels?

1. Maintain healthy teeth and gums

The benefits of banana peels were found to be able to overcome the bacteria A. actinomycetemcomitans and P.gingivalis which can trigger tooth and gum disease, in the form of gingivitis and periodontitis .

Based on these studies, some people start applying banana peels on their teeth every day to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Banana peel can also whiten teeth, you know.

2. Skincare

Banana peels are found to be rich in antioxidants and antimicrobials and contain anti-inflammatory compounds that can provide various benefits for the skin.

Indeed, there is no research that confirms the benefits of banana peels for the skin. However, applying banana peel on the body is believed to whiten and moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles and eye bags , and remove acne scars .

3. As first aid

The anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant content in banana peels makes it believed to be able to relieve itching due to sunburn or insect bites. Apply banana peel on insect bites to get the benefits

In addition, placing a banana peel on the splintered skin area for 15 minutes is believed to help remove the splinter. Another trusted benefit of banana peels is to treat headaches by placing frozen banana peels on the forehead and back of the neck.

However, the banana peel benefits mentioned above have not been scientifically proven and require further research.

3. Maintain healthy hair

Another benefit of banana peels is to soften and make hair shinier . The benefits of this banana peel are based on its antioxidant content that can ward off free radicals . Therefore, some people use banana peels as a natural ingredient for hair masks.

4. Natural fertilizer

Like farming? Use banana peels as a natural fertilizer by adding it to the soil on plants or mixing it into water to water the plants.

You can also use banana peels to lure butterflies or place them under rose bushes to repel pests.

5. Highly nutritious

Not only the fruit, banana peels can also be consumed! Besides being safe to eat, banana peels contain protein, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and fats that are good for the body.

How to process banana peel

The benefits of banana peels that are high in nutrients can be obtained by eating banana peels. It’s just that, the taste of banana peels will not be as good as bananas, especially banana peels have a texture that is difficult to chew and thick.

If you are interested in eating banana peels, you can process the banana peels to make them easier to eat rather than just eating them right away, but beforehand, always wash the banana peels first to rinse off any pesticides that may have been sprayed on the fruit.

Banana peels from ripe bananas are generally sweeter and thinner than banana peels from unripe bananas.

You can steam, fry, or put banana peels along with other fruits in a blender. You can also boil banana peels to make banana peel tea.

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